A Tale of Two Wisconsins

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to put my words and thoughts to action by participating in a silent demonstration to support Gov Walker and the legislators that support his pro growth agenda. As I proudly paraded around with my “Scott Walker my hero” t-shirt, it suddenly struck me that we are truly living in incredible times. Who of would of thought 8 years ago that we would have conceal carry, voter ID, and a Budget Repair Bill that actually will repair things? I personally would of been overjoyed if someone told me we would achieve any one of these three, much less have all them done and part of Wisconsin law.

The people on the other end of the political spectrum have been living the unicorn and rainbow lifestyle for a real long time in Wisconsin. Even under the Thompson administration, public employees enjoyed the benefit of a friendly Governor and legislature. This is exactly why they are throwing the tantrums they are today. Add the most liberal campus in the country into the mix and you get you get exactly what we have gotten, mob rule. It was amazing to watch the combination of groups that came to the aid of Wisconsin public service employees. Do any of us really believe our garbage men or our police officers agree  politically with Socialist party members ? I bet the vast majority of them don’t, yet there they were walking in lockstep with them day after day in Madison. If politics do indeed make strange bed fellows we should consider the protests in Madison to be an orgy of Caligulian proportions.

So now we enter into the next phase, the recall elections. Based on the numbers from the Supreme Court race there are 2 Republicans in real trouble and one who could be in for a real dog fight. There are also 2 Democrats in trouble and a 3rd one, Wirch, that can be defeated if the GOP candidate really busts his hump. I personally don’t see more than a +1 change either way. I don’t see a scenario where the GOP loses control of the Senate. If that is the case there is one thing I can predict, you will be seeing more of Segway Guy and Pink Dress Guy at the Capital. That is fine, let them win the protest war, we will continue to win where it matters the most, the ballot box.


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