The Underestimation Of President Obama

Many of my conservative friends have spent the last 2 and half years belittling the brain capacity of President Obama.  While I do appreciate the humor, I do not agree with their assertions.  President Obama is not just smart, the man is brilliant. How else can you explain how he still enjoys considerable support event though the Nation is heading into economic ruin?  As of today President Obama enjoys a 45% approval rating.  Normally that would be considered bad but when you consider 9% unemployment, 14 trillion dollar deficit, the potential of a second recession and a illegal war in Libya, that number is solid.

I believe Obama is actually reveling in these bad economic times.  In the mind of a Socialist a bad economy means more government dependency which is what a Socialist politician needs to get re elected.  Obama believes in his heart of hearts that he can still pass the blame to President Bush and get re elected even with his crumbling economy.  After all who wants to change leaders in the middle of a crisis?  Look for words like consistency and stay the course to be Obama taglines during 2012.  We can laugh about his terrible policies all we want, but if he is successful and earns a second term the only ones that will be laughing will be the haters of America throughout the rest of the World.

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