Move Over Sarah It Is Michelle’s Turn

Recent polling has shown a serious shift in the GOP field.  While Romney the Rino still looks to be the favorite, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has gained some serious momentum from her outstanding performance during the last GOP debate.  In fact Bachmann is beating Romney in a few polls that don’t include Sarah Palin as a candidate.  That is why I am kindly asking the former Governor of the great state of Alaska not to enter this race.  In fact Sarah if you are the Patriot you claim to be then it is your duty to step out of the way and allow Bachmann a real chance at the nomination.

Let’s be honest here there isn’t room in the GOP field for 2 strong, articulate, attractive, conservative women.  Both of these ladies attract a similar type of voter to them.  Both Sarah and Michelle are popular among Tea Party conservatives and social conservatives.   Both of them are great orators with the ability to whip up a crowd of supporters into a frenzy.  Both Sarah and Michelle would make great Presidents but between the two  only Michelle would make a great candidate.

Many of my conservatives friends think I am nuts to suggest that Michelle Bachmann would make an ideal Presidential candidate.  After all she gets trashed on TV and in the papers all the time.  They point out the gaffes she has made since taking public office.  They will tell me the people in her home state of Minnesota thinks she is a moon bat.  My reply is always the same:  So what!!  Whoever gets the nomination will be trashed by the drive by media.  As for her gaffes, I am pretty sure she knows there aren’t 57 states which puts her ahead of President Obama and as far as Minnesota is concerned, this is the same state that elected a professional wrestler for Governor and Al Franken for Senate so they are in no position to lecture us who to vote for.

So Sarah keep on touring the US.  Keep attacking Obama and the rest of his cronies in DC.  Continue to drive the liberals nuts, but please I beg you, step aside and let the only conservative woman who has a chance to beat Obama get her shot.  Your Nation is depending on you Sarah, don’t let us down.


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