Life In a Purple Haze

Just when you think things are starting to settle down in the purple state of Wisconsin, two members of our State Supreme Court decide to duke it out over the leadership, or lack there of, coming from the Chief Justice.  Accounts differ but what is known is that Justice Prosser and Justice Bradley don’t like each other and that their disdain boiled over into a physical confrontation of some magnitude.  I will post more about this particular story as more facts become available, but for now it is my backdrop to the rest of my ramblings.

If you live in Wisconsin then this tale might bore you, after all we have been living in this purple haze since February.  For the rest of you. allow me to tell you a story that even I wouldn’t believe if I didn’t see it unfold with my own eyes.  Last November the Republican Party enjoyed major victories throughout the country and the proud state of Wisconsin was no exception.  In one election cycle we elected a Republican Governor, a Republican Senator, and gave a solid majority to the GOP in our state Senate and Legislature.  Conservatives rejoiced and the lefties cried in their overpriced cup of herbal tea, but no one could have foreseen what was next.

To make a long story short, Wisconsin, like many other states in the union, was facing a serious budget shortfall.  3.6 billion dollar shortfall to be specific.  Gov Walker decided the best way to balance the budget was to make public employee benefit package more in line with the rest of the country.  In order to achieve that he would have to eliminate collective bargaining.  Well since then I have witnessed the following, Dem State Senators flee the state in order to avoid a vote.  Mass protests in and around my state capital.  Hordes of Socialists and Communists sleeping in the Capital rotunda.  Republican officials receiving death threats over their vote.  An overzealous Secretary of State using his office to hold up law.  An ideological local judge holding up the will of the people based on nothing. A Supreme court race that shouldn’t have even been close based on merit, is won by only 7,000 votes, and took more than a month to come to a conclusion.  More protestors, this time the bottom of the barrel sort.  Zombies protest a Special Olympics event and smelly dudes living in tents outside the Capital.  Now this latest fiasco from our Court Justices.

What all this points to is that Wisconsin has officially become a 50/50 state and as a 50/50 state we will continue to see this madness.  Better to be purple and crazy than to be blue and in debt.  Well there is more that can be said but my head grows weary.  I will leave you with a verse from one of my  new favorite songs:

Purple haze all in my brain
lately things don’t seem the same
Acting funny and i don’t know why
excuse me while i kiss the sky

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