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All Aboard: The Left’s Fascination With Choo Choos

A day doesn’t go by without at least one local community somewhere in America proposing to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to build a train or trolley line.  President Obama has pledged to spend $53 billion dollars in future high-speed train development.  His goal is to have rail available to 80% of Americans.  The real question is why?  What is up with the Left’s love affair with the train.  Why do they dream of trolley cars in their sleep.  Why do they insist on investing in choo choos when history has proven them to be nothing more than a money pit.

The answer is quite simple.  To a progressive, it is all about control.  People in trains are confined to their seat.  They are forced to go where the tracks take them.  People riding trains eventually assimilate into their surroundings and become programmed.  It is this type of control that the Left depends on to stay relevent today.  In their minds the car is a symbol of excess.  They cannot control where that car goes and when it goes there.  The car is not limited to a time table.  An automobile encourages independent thought and personal responsibility, two things that the Left hates.  In short Liberals love trains because it takes away from American Individualism.

The supporters of trains will tell you it is better for the environment.  It is more efficient than other modes of transportation.  If that is true then why did we stop using trolleys early in the 20th century?  They will tell you that trains can serve a large amount of society because of their high rider capacity.  If that is the case then why are the vast majority of them being built in downtown areas where on average 7% of city’s population lives and less than 5% of a city’s population works?  Whatever excuse they want to use their real intent has become quite obvious, they want to control the masses.  No thank you I prefer to drive my car, I want to be my own conductor.


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Why Do Teacher Unions Hate Teachers?

Last Tuesday Milwaukee’s school board proposed a side deal to the teacher union.  The proposal asked the teachers to pay for 5.6% of their pension and in return 200 teacher jobs would be saved.  The response from the union was a predictable no, and now 200 hard-working teachers that the union  is supposed to protect will be out of a job.  What needs to be mentioned here is the fact the current teacher contract expires in 2013, at which point this concession will be mandatory under the new laws of Wisconsin.  All the union is doing in this case is delaying the inevitable and costing 200 of their members their jobs.  Gee, where do I sign up to become a member.

There are several underlying factors that go into the union’s decision.  Perhaps they are hoping for a change in the law.  Maybe they believe that the school board is playing poker and they are calling their bluff.  Maybe the six figure income union leaders are realizing that their days of eating away at the public trough is over and they are just trying to squeeze as much as they can before they are forced to go away.  Whatever the reason it certainly doesn’t seems like they are doing it for the teachers or for that matter, the students, who will now be herded into larger classes with fewer resources available to them.  This in itself would be tragic.  The fact that this is all in the name of protecting union power makes it practically criminal.

The real question is where are all the common sense teachers out there?  I know you exist.  Are you ok with sacrificing 200 of your fellow teachers to save a few bucks?  Do you realize that even after all the concessions, you still have a wonderful retirement program that us in the private sector would die for?  Are you ok with teaching larger classes with fewer resources?  Do you believe you can give our children the education they deserve in such an environment?  Do you realize that your union has hijacked you and is using your career as a pawn in a game it cannot win?  2013 will come soon enough and with it will come the changes anyway so why not agree to them now and save the jobs for you and the resources for the children you proclaim to care so much about.  Your union has failed you, but doesn’t mean you have to fail your students.  Speak up now or forever hold your regret.


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