Hey Conservatives It Is Ok To Feel Good

I get it guys, we have been taking on the chin for the past year in the media and on the ground.  The Left in Wisconsin is very good at staging a production and with a lot of outside help, they set the tone for the past year.  What I am here to tell you is that while we must remain vigilant and at the ready, we are indeed winning this argument with the people who count the most, independent voters.

The recently released poll done by Marquette University shows just how much of an advantage Governor Walker enjoys right now.  The fact that he is beating Kathleen Falk by 7 points is promising.  The fact that he doing that well in a poll where Obama is winning by 9 points makes it impressive.  It is also important to note that he is polling at or over 50% against almost any challenger which is a great sign for an incumbent.  Add to that his 51% approval rating and you have every reason to believe that come this time next year that Scott Walker will still be our Governor.

Perhaps the biggest telltale sign of Walker’s huge advantage can be found in what the Democrats are not doing.  Sure they made a big deal out of handing in the signatures but have kept real quiet since then.  It is also hard not to notice the fact that the big players in Democratic politics in this state have not stepped up yet.  Where is Tom Barrett?  David Obey why aren’t you announcing your candidacy yet?  Could it be that your internal poling has shown the numbers are not there for you to win?  If they are pinning their hopes on Kathleen Falk, then you know they truly are in trouble.

At the end of the day this election will come down to 2 things: turnout and independent voters.  We know our turnout will be great as it always is and if the current trend continues we can count on our independent minded friends to carry us to victory.  Do everything you can to make sure we keep the Governor of the year Scott Walker in office, and know that your efforts WILL not be in vein because we have the advantage and we are not planning on giving it away anytime soon.  So go ahead and stick your chest out a bit, talk more confident about Governor Walker with your family and friends.  It is really ok to feel good about your Governor and your political position in Wisconsin.


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