Happy Birthday Ronnie

Today is President Ronald Reagan’s 101st birthday and though he is no longer with us, his legacy lives forever in the hearts and minds of conservatives across the country.  He was without a doubt, the biggest influence on my politic beliefs and I owe my conservative principles and core to him.

President Reagan was indeed the Great Communicator.  he was able to make people feel at ease regardless of the situation.  I can still remember being a young boy and listening to President Reagan talk about the shuttle disaster.   I still get chills when I think of his infamous line “and touched the face of God”.  There was never a situation he didn’t seem prepared for.   During a grilling press conference Sam Donaldson asked President Reagan if he was partly to blame for the struggling US economy.  Without missing a beat President Reagan retorted “Yes because for many years I was a Democrat.”

President Reagan was everything you wanted out of a President.  He was the eternal optimist and he never took no for an answer.  It is said that the times make the man, but in President Reagan’s case the man made the times.  He put in motion the forces to tear down that wall in Berlin.  He made people feel better about America again which helped get us out of economic funk in the early 80’s.   He created the conditions that allowed businesses to reinvest in themselves that allowed for great inventions like the internet etc…America owes President Reagan a serious debt of gratitude.

Conservatives like me have been waiting many years for our next Ronnie.  Taking a look at the political landscape today you can find a few conservatives as smart or as witty or as charming, but you cannot find anyone who has the total package President Reagan did.  Many people believed it took a President Carter to bring us a Ronald Reagan.  If that is indeed the case where is our Ronald Reagan to take on the one President Obama?  I can tell you he or she is not among those currently in the race.   That is the one sad part of the Reagan legacy, the lack of someone to pick up where he left off.


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