Hey G.A.B. You Can Kiss My B.U.T.T

Throughout the entire Governor Walker saga the GAB (Government Accountability Board) has shown its true colors as a partisan, left leaning group of retired judges.  Almost every ruling to come out of this body has been against Governor Walker or one of our brave GOP legislators.  Well this week the GAB has taken this tired act over the top and has not just attacked our Governor, they attacked all Wisconsinites everywhere.

This weeks ruling by the GAB that only the official campaign of a particular candidate can challenge recall signatures flies directly in the face of our rights.   Why does one have to be part of a particular group of people in order to be sure their rights and their vote are protected?   What about independents, Libertarians, and common sense Democrats who support Governor Walker or one of our brave GOP State Senators?  Are these people not allowed a voice in this recall attempt?  Why does the GAB feel the need to strip them of their ability to participate in the political process.  Make no mistake here, our liberties are under attack by a rogue unaccountable entity that puts its ideology ahead of its responsibility to the citizens of Wisconsin.

The Left scoffs at the notion that Pro Walker people are attempting to verify the recall.  They call it a waste of time.  They have come up with a ton of crazy excuses not to allow people access to public records.  Hey if you are willing to negate the votes of 1.1 million voters who voted for Governor Walker in November of 2010, you should also be willing to proudly display your name and address.  This is not a game lefties so stop treating it like one.  The anti Walker crowd laughs at our attempt to validate signatures, they say there is no way we can throw that many out.  Honestly I agree with them that we will not be able to find enough fraud to stop the recall election of Governor Walker, but that does not mean we do not have the right to try.  This is not about throwing out enough signatures to negate a recall, it is about Wisconsinites being allowed to be part of the process.  It is about making people feel that the process has been fair which in turn will make people feel better about the outcome, regardless of what the outcome is.  I was there  in Madison and I saw all the out of state semi’s around the Capitol the day the recall started.  Why do out of state unions have more of a voice in Wisconsin then its own citizens? GAB if you want Wisconsin to truly heal when this is all over, you must allow Wisconsinites to be part of it or else neither side will accept the outcome and we will be divided forever.

As for our friends on the left who are celebrating the GAB ruling.  Know you are celebrating the erosion of your rights as a citizen of the state of Wisconsin.  Know that rulings create precedent so do not be surprised when these issues work against you and your movement one day.  At the end of the day you all are having a hissy fit over losing some collective bargaining privileges.  Trust me when I tell you if this ruling from the GAB stands, you will lose a lot more than access to free healthcare, you lose your voice.  Think about it, is this truly what you signed the recall petition for?

  1. #1 by Tony Tarantino on February 8, 2012 - 10:57 am

    this must be read by everybody they are trying to take are rights away as voters who voted for WALKER and want to run are state . This will not happen cause we the people, by the people,have the nimbers to stop this by getting enough votes to put WALKER back in offioe. What will they do then.

  2. #2 by Tony Tarantino on February 8, 2012 - 11:07 am

    we must stick together as proud voters who did the right thing and voted for the right person to lead this great state. And I hope he will some day be our President.

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