Open Letter To Members of WEAC: Did You Truly Believe the Recall Was About You?

Wisconsin’s largest public teachers union WEAC have made the decision to endorse Kathleen Falk as the Democratic nominee to take on Governor Walker in a general election. While this premature decision has made Walker backers like myself absolutely giddy, it has not resonated so well with members and supporters of WEAC. It seems as if they actually thought this recall was about them, which we know it never had anything to do with the school teacher or the sanitation worker. This recall is all about the public unions holding onto power at any cost, including the cost of their members wishes being ignored.

C’mon Wisconsin teachers you didn’t actually believe the Democratic party stood with you did you? If they honestly stood with you they would have done more negotiating and less political posturing when they ran away to Illinois. That was an opportune time to negotiate on your behalf, but instead of negotiating they decided to conduct MSNBC interviews from “undisclosed” locations in Illinois. The Democratic Party has offered a lot in terms of rhetoric but what have they actually done to improve your situation as a school teacher?

Then there is your union. The same union who forced school districts to use WEA Trust as their healthcare provider even though their were cheaper providers. This practice took thousands out of your classroom and put into their big fat cat pockets. When it became obvious that MPS would have to lay off teachers if they didn’t re open up their contract, several members of the teacher union actually stood up and said lets re open to save some jobs. Too bad their union leaders refused to do it and now hundreds of school teachers are out of work because of it. WEAC would much rather tell 2,000 of it members that they are no longer employed, then to tell all their members they need to contribute a bit to their retirement. It is all about their power and their power lies in not negotiating but in keeping what is theirs regardless of how it affects its members.

If you were a true believer that the recall was a grassroots movement about you, I truly feel bad that you had to learn the hard way that this recall had nothing to do with you at all. You were a pawn for WEAC and the Democratic party to use to bang the drums, chain yourself to the Capitol, and collect the signatures. It has to be hard to come to the realization that you have been duped by your people for over a year, but the facts bear out the truth that you were. May I suggest you come over to the side of the Wisconsin taxpayer. We would gladly accept you with open arms.

  1. #1 by Deeka on February 9, 2012 - 8:19 pm

    First time here. Found this through a Facebook link. Fan-freakin’-tastic. I’ve linked over at my own blog.

    We have school board elections coming up here. The insipid nature of somne of the “pro-teacher’s union” types is astounding. One wants to be on the board to “give back to the community” and “get children thinking internationally”. How about if we get them to read and write?

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