Dear Recallers: Where Are You?

Funny what a difference a year makes. A year ago you could find links to some anti Walker protest on every anti-Walker page on Facebook. The lefty drums were banging and thousands of Walker haters would be dancing to their incessant beat. Madison was overflowing with both in state and out-of-state haters occupying our rotunda and turning our beautiful Capitol into their personal cesspool. Everywhere Governor Walker went he was met with a mob of angry protesters. These days you have to really to search to find current protest video and when you do find and watch it is usually a handful of people still chanting the good old “hey hey ho ho” chant. The other day there was a anti Walker teacher event at Mayfair Mall so I stopped by to see how big the crowd was. I counted 2 people attending it and I was there for over an hour. These examples prove that the Walker Recall movement is losing steam. The question is why.

There are several factors that can contribute to the obvious lack of enthusiasm and all of them are good news for Governor Walker. The first reason for the drop of enthusiasm is simply because a movement cannot possibly keep the same energy for over a year. There is a natural calming effect as people go back to their everyday lives. In fact many of my personal friends who were up in arms over ACT 10 are now telling me if the Democrats cannot offer them a better alternative than Kathleen Falk, they will consider either voting for Governor Walker or sitting the election out completely. Some people who have told me this actually signed a recall petition.

This brings me to the 2nd reason the recall movement is losing its excitement level. It is hard for them to get re-energized when it is obvious that they are being cut out of the process by the unions and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. They can claim they are unified all they want but I remember quite clearly how Facebook blew up when Ms. Falk was announced as the unions choice to run against Gov. Walker. The Wisconsin liberals were screaming from the rooftops that she was not their candidate but the unions ignored the plea of their members (imagine that) and proceeded to anoint her as their champion even though she has lost multiple statewide elections and was behind Gov Walker in every respected poll out there. It has to be hard to be motivated to vote for a candidate you really do not want and that has very little chance to win. Actually this is exactly the way most of us felt about McCain in 2008.

The third and final reason that the recall enthusiasm has died is because the movement was based on lies and hate. While hate is a great short-term motivator, it will only go so far and lies, while effective, eventually get exposed. The recall crowd was told that the sky would fall once ACT 10 became law but it hasn’t. They were told that Gov. Walker’s budget would be disastrous for Wisconsin, but so far the opposite have been proven to be true. The unions tried so hard to beat into our heads that collective bargaining is a right, but as the people of Wisconsin began to research the topic, they realized it was not a right but rather a privilege so that argument began to fall on deaf ears. It is hard to stay inspired once you realize most of what inspired you turned out not to be true.

While this development is encouraging, it is not a reason to rest on our laurels, in fact, their lack of enthusiasm should only increase ours. They had the last year to motivate themselves and now it is our turn. It is time for us to attend the events, to knock on the doors and to man the phones for our Governor and our brave recalled GOP Senators. The Left in Wisconsin thought they won they won the debate when they turned in the signatures to the GAB. Let us prove to them that was only the beginning. Stand up and be counted and volunteer to help the cause today!!!

  1. #1 by ellen levickis on February 28, 2012 - 8:42 am


  2. #2 by b thomas on February 28, 2012 - 6:19 pm

    ha! an enlightened conservative, now there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. this piece is so deluded i’m not even sure where to start. if you think the movement against the radical right wing is losing steam and dying in Wisconsin, you are sorely mistaken. soon Wisconsin’s government will be back in the hands of rational people and Walker’s agenda will be stopped. so there’s not 100,000 people in the streets on the weekends anymore. contrary to what you believe, we are people, too, with jobs and families, and many of us have disengaged from the bickering because we are sick of it. that does not mean we are not paying attention and giving our time and money to recall efforts. I would actually agree that movements cannot sustain their energy over the long term, which begs the question: where will your movement be in a year after your crowd peaked at 3,000?

    lies and hate on our side? please, take a look at yourselves, first, before leveling such a statement. the only thing I hate is how divided Wisconsin has become as a result of your Governor, and you are only contributing to the division with your charges.

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