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Memo To Governor Walker: It Is Time To Take Off The Gloves

For over a year now myself and people like me have been reporting, spreading, and documenting the lunacy of the anti-Walker movement.  This reporting has come at a very high price as many of us have been attacked both verbally and physically. I know of friends who have been ostracized at work for supporting Governor Walker, some of them to the point where they are considering a career change to avoid having to deal with abuse.  I personally have been threatened on a few occasions and have been a victim of intimidation as people have pulled up in front of my house to take pictures etc.  Yes the compassionate Left over the past year have shown their true stripes and it is time for Governor Walker and his supporters to remind fellow Wisconsinites just how unhinged the entitled class is in Wisconsin.

I totally understand that it is beneath the standards of a noble politician like Governor Walker to participate in such an endeavor, after all this is a man who has been under attack his entire political career and has yet to buckle under the pressure.  I know for a fact that their campaign strategy is to simply show how his changes are working for the state of Wisconsin.  Governor Walker that kind of strategy would work great during normal times but Governor we are currently living in extraordinary times and these times call for out of the box measures.  Now is the time to remind the people of Wisconsin of all we endured during the past year.  The lack of respect for the office of the Governor, the lack of respect towards the Capitol grounds, the lack of respect for the law and for those who enforce it.  This election , like most will be decided by the independent voters and trust me very few of them would approve of the following:

  • Zombie Protest of a Special Olympic Event
  • Death threat directed towards GOP lawmakers and their families
  • Uncivil and unruly protests inside and outside of our beautiful Capitol building
  • Last second passage of teacher contracts to avoid helping Wisconsin balance its budget
  • Teachers bringing their students to protests without permission from parents and without explaining why they are protesting.
  • Handing out of “sick” notes to teachers
  • The constant bad mouthing that the left has been doing about our great state of Wisconsin in general

There are countless other examples of the their idiocy, much of it is on display in You Tube or on several other pages devoted to exposing the real truth about the “peoples” movement.  This actually brings me to my other main point.  It is also incumbent on supporters of Scott Walker to expose the truth about who is truly behind the recall Walker movement.  It is time to explain to fellow Wisconsinites that the movement is nothing more than public employees, their families, crazed college aged kids, and out-of-state special interest groups.  It is time for us to stop assuming Wisconsinites will see through the hate and lies, and to start actually making sure that they do.  It is time for all of us to take the gloves off and to start fighting fire with fire. Many of your fellow conservatives have put their necks on the line to defend the Governor, isn’t it time you did too?   I leave you with a picture to remind you exactly who we are going up against.

Typical example of the type of person who supports recalling Governor Walker. Do you think the majority of Wisconsin can relate to this?


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Free Speech Under Attack In Tosa

Even though my writing can be construed as divisive and I am known to be a bit of stubborn mule when it comes to having to be right, I do often look for the issues that should unite us all as Wisconsinites. Unknowingly, I helped the creation of such an issue when I helped co-organize the Celebrate Walker event in Wauwatosa.
As one the original creators of this event I have firsthand knowledge of every facet of it including all the interaction with Wauwatosa Police. Now a month after the event, Wauwatosa officials are starting to debate whether or not they are going to allow free political speech in their city. According to Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber, he would have never allowed for our rally to take place because of the cost to the Tosa taxpayers. While this sounds very noble and righteous, the fact remains that by stating he would not allow our event, he is basically admitting he would trample all over the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Wisconsin. He is asking the powers that be in Wauwatosa to give him the power to say no to people exercising their First Amendment rights. Sorry Police Chief Weber your role should not allow you to limit free speech. In fact you should be on the front lines of protecting our right to peacefully assemble.
Police Chief Weber said he was not personally contacted to approve the event. We used the appropriate chain of command that the Chief had in place and it was explained that we would have similar police detail that the recall Walker people had when they invaded Wauwatosa neighborhoods to kick off the recall. Since we were afforded the same benefit the recall crowd had we felt it was fair.
We truly had Wauwatosa’s best interests at heart when we conceived this event. We knew our people would keep our space clean, which they did. We also knew attendees would spend $1,000′s of dollars in Tosa the day of the event, which they also did. The police asked us to fence up as much of the event as we could and we obliged. In addition, we even took it a step further and spent $100′s of dollars to have shuttles running from a local Park and Ride to help avoid traffic congestion in the event area. We used local suppliers for as much of the stuff as we could and hosted an after party at a family owned Tosa bar/restaurant. We did everything we were asked to do and more. I know the local businesses benefited from the event and it also made for a great advertising for that wonderful amphitheater we held the event in.
I want to make something 100% clear! All the people from Wauwatosa we had dealings with were wonderful. The police that worked the rally were top-notch. I take issue with a police chief that believes he has a right to stifle free speech. This is an issue that both sides of this debate should agree on. Voltaire once stated I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. His words ring as true today as when he said them almost 300 years ago. Here’s to the powers that be in Tosa getting this one right, for all of us.

Wauwatosa's Police chief wants the power to say no to future political events like the one pictured above.

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