Maxine Waters and Her Fuzzy Math

Dear leftists, I understand that you do not like your ideas to be challenged in the arena of free thought, after all you all tend to believe in the group think mentality.  It is the reason you are drawn to unions and drum circles.  I also understand why you think us conservatives are mean, after all we will engage anywhere and at anytime and 9 out of 10 times we win the debate.

With all this being said, I think you liberal’s misplace your anger.  Don’t hate on us for being intelligent, audible, and factual.  Who you should be mad at is your own leaders of your movement who can’t even put together 2 sentences without sounding like a complete nimrod.  Case in point, here is one of your heroes, good ole Maxine Waters.  When she is not busy blaming everything on race and admitting she is a Socialist, Maxine can be found calculating fuzzy math.  Watch this clip with the knowledge that there are 134 million total jobs in the United States…

That’s right, according to your race baiting leader Maxine the US will lose more jobs than it currently has and all because a 2% in government spending to boot.  LIberals you wonder why we do not take you seriously, it is because you do not hold your leaders accountable. Please find a few of you that make some semblance of sense and let’s have the national debate we need.  In short you need to stop bringing pocket knives to a gun fight.



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