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We Voted Because We Are Tired

I  have spent the majority of the day reading articles and Facebook posts about the amazing turnout Governor Walker had on Tuesday.  It is not because he had a real opponent.  The fact is that 626,000 people voted for Governor Walker, in a meaningless primary.  Well, meaningless in terms of the actual election, but in no way was it meaningless to the people who went out and voted for him.

The real reason Governor Walker turn out was so high, is because we are pissed off.  Our votes in 2010 are being marginalized by a group of people who have very little respect for our state and our economic future.

We are tired of having to have to hear the liberals protest songs and horns.   We are tired of listening to lefties all cry “It’s for the children”; while their actions say just the opposite.  We are tired of hearing about Koch and ALEC period.  We understand they have some clout with the Governor.  The fact is we like the majority of things they stand for, so it is ok with us.

We are tired of the constant election mode you have put our state in.  We are tired of hearing liberals blame Walker for dividing Wisconsin; when we all know the dividing did not start until the 14 runaway Senators left for Illinois.  We are tired of having to hear about John Doe.  I know Walker is not John Doe,  because if there was even a chance that he would be, he would have gotten way out in front of it by now.  You see he is not only a man of character, he is also a savvy politician.

We are tired of hearing lefties scream about Kathy Nicklaus or about corrupt voting machines.  We may find their black helicopter theories humorous, but there is a limit to what we can take.  We are tired of the people on the other side of the debate acting like we don’t exist.  Their arrogance is amazing.  We are tired of the haters acting like they are speaking on behalf of all of Wisconsin.  Screw you, I speak for myself! Do not include me in your Reclaim Wisconsin motto.  We are tired of the left and their lies.

Here are some facts, there is no war on women, Governor Walker increased spending for the poor and elderly, and school districts that took the concessions are reaping the rewards today.

We are tired of hearing about the out-of-state money flowing into Walker’s war chest and the pathetic whining about Walker fundraising to protect himself from a recall election THEY started.  Did they think he would just say “ok” and leave without a fight? You see during the election of 2010 Governor Walker received 75% of his donations from in state people donating $100 or less.  Those people are now tapped and the Governor did what he had to do period.  We are tired of the recallers forgetting how much of their funding came from out-of-state interests in the form of union donations.

Mostly we are tired of the Walker haters entitled mentality and their proclaimed self-righteousness.  They are not entitled to sleep in Capitol Rotunda or to disrupt events for Special Olympians.  It is not righteous to fight for benefits for the very few when it negatively affects the masses.  That is not righteous, that is simple greed.  The reason 626,000 people went and voted for Governor Walker is because we know he has the best interests of all Wisconsinites at heart.

That and we are tired, very tired, but not too tired to vote again.  We will be ready to go and vote (again) on June 5!



Memo To Governor Walker: It Is Time To Take Off The Gloves

For over a year now myself and people like me have been reporting, spreading, and documenting the lunacy of the anti-Walker movement.  This reporting has come at a very high price as many of us have been attacked both verbally and physically. I know of friends who have been ostracized at work for supporting Governor Walker, some of them to the point where they are considering a career change to avoid having to deal with abuse.  I personally have been threatened on a few occasions and have been a victim of intimidation as people have pulled up in front of my house to take pictures etc.  Yes the compassionate Left over the past year have shown their true stripes and it is time for Governor Walker and his supporters to remind fellow Wisconsinites just how unhinged the entitled class is in Wisconsin.

I totally understand that it is beneath the standards of a noble politician like Governor Walker to participate in such an endeavor, after all this is a man who has been under attack his entire political career and has yet to buckle under the pressure.  I know for a fact that their campaign strategy is to simply show how his changes are working for the state of Wisconsin.  Governor Walker that kind of strategy would work great during normal times but Governor we are currently living in extraordinary times and these times call for out of the box measures.  Now is the time to remind the people of Wisconsin of all we endured during the past year.  The lack of respect for the office of the Governor, the lack of respect towards the Capitol grounds, the lack of respect for the law and for those who enforce it.  This election , like most will be decided by the independent voters and trust me very few of them would approve of the following:

  • Zombie Protest of a Special Olympic Event
  • Death threat directed towards GOP lawmakers and their families
  • Uncivil and unruly protests inside and outside of our beautiful Capitol building
  • Last second passage of teacher contracts to avoid helping Wisconsin balance its budget
  • Teachers bringing their students to protests without permission from parents and without explaining why they are protesting.
  • Handing out of “sick” notes to teachers
  • The constant bad mouthing that the left has been doing about our great state of Wisconsin in general

There are countless other examples of the their idiocy, much of it is on display in You Tube or on several other pages devoted to exposing the real truth about the “peoples” movement.  This actually brings me to my other main point.  It is also incumbent on supporters of Scott Walker to expose the truth about who is truly behind the recall Walker movement.  It is time to explain to fellow Wisconsinites that the movement is nothing more than public employees, their families, crazed college aged kids, and out-of-state special interest groups.  It is time for us to stop assuming Wisconsinites will see through the hate and lies, and to start actually making sure that they do.  It is time for all of us to take the gloves off and to start fighting fire with fire. Many of your fellow conservatives have put their necks on the line to defend the Governor, isn’t it time you did too?   I leave you with a picture to remind you exactly who we are going up against.

Typical example of the type of person who supports recalling Governor Walker. Do you think the majority of Wisconsin can relate to this?

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Free Speech Under Attack In Tosa

Even though my writing can be construed as divisive and I am known to be a bit of stubborn mule when it comes to having to be right, I do often look for the issues that should unite us all as Wisconsinites. Unknowingly, I helped the creation of such an issue when I helped co-organize the Celebrate Walker event in Wauwatosa.
As one the original creators of this event I have firsthand knowledge of every facet of it including all the interaction with Wauwatosa Police. Now a month after the event, Wauwatosa officials are starting to debate whether or not they are going to allow free political speech in their city. According to Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber, he would have never allowed for our rally to take place because of the cost to the Tosa taxpayers. While this sounds very noble and righteous, the fact remains that by stating he would not allow our event, he is basically admitting he would trample all over the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Wisconsin. He is asking the powers that be in Wauwatosa to give him the power to say no to people exercising their First Amendment rights. Sorry Police Chief Weber your role should not allow you to limit free speech. In fact you should be on the front lines of protecting our right to peacefully assemble.
Police Chief Weber said he was not personally contacted to approve the event. We used the appropriate chain of command that the Chief had in place and it was explained that we would have similar police detail that the recall Walker people had when they invaded Wauwatosa neighborhoods to kick off the recall. Since we were afforded the same benefit the recall crowd had we felt it was fair.
We truly had Wauwatosa’s best interests at heart when we conceived this event. We knew our people would keep our space clean, which they did. We also knew attendees would spend $1,000′s of dollars in Tosa the day of the event, which they also did. The police asked us to fence up as much of the event as we could and we obliged. In addition, we even took it a step further and spent $100′s of dollars to have shuttles running from a local Park and Ride to help avoid traffic congestion in the event area. We used local suppliers for as much of the stuff as we could and hosted an after party at a family owned Tosa bar/restaurant. We did everything we were asked to do and more. I know the local businesses benefited from the event and it also made for a great advertising for that wonderful amphitheater we held the event in.
I want to make something 100% clear! All the people from Wauwatosa we had dealings with were wonderful. The police that worked the rally were top-notch. I take issue with a police chief that believes he has a right to stifle free speech. This is an issue that both sides of this debate should agree on. Voltaire once stated I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. His words ring as true today as when he said them almost 300 years ago. Here’s to the powers that be in Tosa getting this one right, for all of us.

Wauwatosa's Police chief wants the power to say no to future political events like the one pictured above.

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Dear Recallers: Where Are You?

Funny what a difference a year makes. A year ago you could find links to some anti Walker protest on every anti-Walker page on Facebook. The lefty drums were banging and thousands of Walker haters would be dancing to their incessant beat. Madison was overflowing with both in state and out-of-state haters occupying our rotunda and turning our beautiful Capitol into their personal cesspool. Everywhere Governor Walker went he was met with a mob of angry protesters. These days you have to really to search to find current protest video and when you do find and watch it is usually a handful of people still chanting the good old “hey hey ho ho” chant. The other day there was a anti Walker teacher event at Mayfair Mall so I stopped by to see how big the crowd was. I counted 2 people attending it and I was there for over an hour. These examples prove that the Walker Recall movement is losing steam. The question is why.

There are several factors that can contribute to the obvious lack of enthusiasm and all of them are good news for Governor Walker. The first reason for the drop of enthusiasm is simply because a movement cannot possibly keep the same energy for over a year. There is a natural calming effect as people go back to their everyday lives. In fact many of my personal friends who were up in arms over ACT 10 are now telling me if the Democrats cannot offer them a better alternative than Kathleen Falk, they will consider either voting for Governor Walker or sitting the election out completely. Some people who have told me this actually signed a recall petition.

This brings me to the 2nd reason the recall movement is losing its excitement level. It is hard for them to get re-energized when it is obvious that they are being cut out of the process by the unions and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. They can claim they are unified all they want but I remember quite clearly how Facebook blew up when Ms. Falk was announced as the unions choice to run against Gov. Walker. The Wisconsin liberals were screaming from the rooftops that she was not their candidate but the unions ignored the plea of their members (imagine that) and proceeded to anoint her as their champion even though she has lost multiple statewide elections and was behind Gov Walker in every respected poll out there. It has to be hard to be motivated to vote for a candidate you really do not want and that has very little chance to win. Actually this is exactly the way most of us felt about McCain in 2008.

The third and final reason that the recall enthusiasm has died is because the movement was based on lies and hate. While hate is a great short-term motivator, it will only go so far and lies, while effective, eventually get exposed. The recall crowd was told that the sky would fall once ACT 10 became law but it hasn’t. They were told that Gov. Walker’s budget would be disastrous for Wisconsin, but so far the opposite have been proven to be true. The unions tried so hard to beat into our heads that collective bargaining is a right, but as the people of Wisconsin began to research the topic, they realized it was not a right but rather a privilege so that argument began to fall on deaf ears. It is hard to stay inspired once you realize most of what inspired you turned out not to be true.

While this development is encouraging, it is not a reason to rest on our laurels, in fact, their lack of enthusiasm should only increase ours. They had the last year to motivate themselves and now it is our turn. It is time for us to attend the events, to knock on the doors and to man the phones for our Governor and our brave recalled GOP Senators. The Left in Wisconsin thought they won they won the debate when they turned in the signatures to the GAB. Let us prove to them that was only the beginning. Stand up and be counted and volunteer to help the cause today!!!


Send In The Clowns: No Seriously They Would Be An Upgrade

It is time for Walker supporters to face facts, we are going to have a recall election in 2012.  We can talk about the fundamental unfairness of the situation all we want, it will not change the fact that we must once again go out and defend our vote we took in 2010 against the forces of public sector unions and their cronies.  With all that being said it is certainly time to analyze our adversaries in this recall fiasco in an honest way.  Of course honesty and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin do not go hand in hand but I digress.  Let’s examine the motley crew of leftists who have thrown their hat in the ring as of today.

Let us start with State Senator Kathleen Vinehout.  She believed in Wisconsin so much that she decided to leave the state instead of taking a vote to defend the financial future of it.  Yes she was one of  Renegade Senators who fled to Illinois.   I am not sure but based on recent developments in Illinois could it be that she went down there to learn how to both raise taxes and cut services at the same time?  She sells herself as a pro life Democrat and her voting record suggests that she is which should make that NARAL endorsement almost impossible to get and if she actually wins the nomination many of the extreme leftists will find it very difficult to vote for her on election day.   Taking a shower might be the only thing a Madison leftist will find harder to do than to vote for Senator Vinehout.  She also has another mark against her, she barely held on to her Senate seat in 2010.  When you squeak out senate district by a measly 400 votes in your last election, I think your focus should be on working for your district and not on stealing the Governorship of Wisconsin.

Speaking of stealing our next candidate Secretary of State Douglas Lafollette has been stealing taxpayers hard-earned money since he was re-elected in 1982.  He is an extremist environmental lefty who will be turning 72 right around the time of the election.  He has lost several times running for office and most people in Madison, including the liberals, view him as an eccentric old man who loves trees and organic lettuce.  I will not waste a tone of space on Secretary Lafollette because quite frankly the majority of the people reading this blog would have a better chance of securing the nomination than this over the hill tree hugger has.

In keeping with how these type of pieces are written I have saved the best for last.  The union’s hand-picked candidate, Kathleen Falk, is the gift that just keeps giving if you support Governor Walker.  The former Dane County Executive never met a tax increase she didn’t like as she increased taxes in Dane County in EVERY budget she ever proposed. Hey Kathleen anybody can balance their budget on the backs of the taxpayers, perhaps you need to think outside the Madison bubble. For some reason, even though she has not always been union friendly, she has become their chosen one.  In fact she was the only candidate to pass their litmus test which was basically will you do everything the almighty union asks you to do even if it negatively affects the majority of your constituents.  Not only did she say yes to their demands, she actually signed a document  and has been running around Wisconsin taking pictures with it.  This folks is what you call a bought and payed for politician.  No wonder she received WEAC’s endorse about 8 seconds after she announced she was running.  It is surprising to me that the labor movement in Wisconsin has hitched their wagon to a person who has already lost 3 times in statewide election, but then again nobody said these union hacks were smart.

Ms Falk proudly displays her pledge to the public unions


So as of today this is the Democratic primary field.  Of course there is still time for a Barrett or an Obey to jump in the race but as of right now these three amusing candidates is what the Left is offering Wisconsin voters.  I say send in the clowns as they would be an upgrade.

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Meet Scott Walker’s Greatest Ally…Pat Quinn

The most recent Marquette poll came out and showed a small decline in Gov. Walker’s approval rating.  While it is a cause for concern, it is not a reason to panic.  Poll numbers can fluctuate but the truth does not.  Some interesting news came out of Illinois today that should help Wisconsinites truly understand why Governor Walker did what he did.  Today Governor Pat Quinn announced that despite raising their taxes to insanely high levels, so high in fact that many companies are threatening to leave the state, Illinois is still broke and needs to cut even more spending to balance its budget.  Here is where this story gets compelling, as now we can directly see two Governors from 2 different political philosophies, attack a very similar issue.

To be sure the budget of Illinois is a larger one to balance and Governor Quinn faces some obstacles that Governor Walker does not, but today’s announcement by Governor Quinn certainly strengthens Gov. Walker’s position.  What Gov. Walker did was find a way to balance the budget, without raising taxes or cutting services.  He did not mandate the layoffs of any public workers, instead he created tools to help local governments get control of rising costs in order to keep public employees on the job, which benefits all of Wisconsin. In order to achieve this he had to take on the powerful public sector unions who were hell-bent on keeping the status quo  in Wisconsin.  The unions kicked and screamed and demonized Governor Walker, but he stayed the course and now all of Wisconsin is benefiting from his vision and courage.  Our friends on the  other side of this debate can frown all they want about how we got there, but there is very little doubt that we are better off today then we were a year ago.

Now lets examine Gov. Quinn’s method to fix his budget.  First he started by raising taxes by a whopping 66% which scared the pants off of several businesses who threatened to leave unless the Gov. Quinn gave them a sweetheart deal.  When that didn’t work the Gov. Quinn then went the route of public sector layoffs.  Layoffs that were avoided in Wisconsin (unless your union passed a last second deal before ACT 10 became law).  Now comes today’s speech (video to follow) where he talked about slashing Medicaid and public employee pension benefits.  He also talked about the need to close down prisons which not only lays off 1,000’s of people, it puts society at risk.  He also talks about the closing of mental facilities, and other important services to the people of Illinois.  Remember he is telling the people Illinois this just a year after sticking them with a huge tax increase. All this from a Governor who year ago bragged that he will do it “different from Wisconsin”.  Well yes it is different and it is much worse for his state and for the public employees that work within it.

So there is our Tale of Two States in black and white.  Two governors taking their state in different directions.  One Governor took the road less traveled by taking on the special interest, while the other even with its budget a complete mess, refuses to.  Can there even be a debate on which Governor is doing it the right way as it pertains to its budget?



From Dream To Reality: We Got By With A Little Help From Our Friends

Unlike the majority of my opinion pieces that talk about how wonderful Governor Walker and our brave Wisconsin GOP Legislators are, this one is a lot harder to write.  It is much easier for me to defend and laud the accomplishments of others than it is to pat myself and my merry band of friends on the back, but given the enormity of our accomplishments, I felt it necessary to write about it.  This is not intended to be self promotion.  It is intended to inspire others to dream big and then surround yourself with the right people to get the job done right.

As many of you know I was a co creator and co organizers of the Celebrate Walker Rally in Wauwatosa.  The genesis of this now famous event really was a previous much smaller event I helped organize in Madison way back in November where a merry band of about 120 Walker supporters marched through thousands of union hacks who spit at us, threw coffee at us, and called us every name under the sun.  That in itself was not the motivation, the fact that about 90% of us went back at to the Capital Rotunda to do it again was.  We knew that day that there was a thirst for a conservative event and we figured hey why not us so we went to right to work on it.

So Lisa Weed (she deserves one shameless plug) and I started batting around ideas on dates and location and ended up with the idea of Hart Park in Tosa on the Saturday after the recall signatures were due.  We contacted Senator Leah Vukmir who represents that area and she agreed to speak at our little grassroots rally.  We thought maybe 200 to 300 people in the park.  We could find someone with a little PA system so Senator Vukmir could share a few words and then we would do a march of some sort.  Well this is where this story gets real interesting.  We started to expand our base of organizers and soon realized our little event could blossom into something much bigger.  We brought in some wonderful people, too many to fairly mention each one, but trust me when I tell you they were the true heroes of the event.

Do not get me wrong, this event had a ton of potential pitfalls.  What if we couldn’t attract too many good speakers?  What if the local media tried to make us look bad?  What if the GOP establishment in Wisconsin did not trust us and wanted to take the event over?  These were just a few of the questions we had and trust me they were keeping us up at night.  Something amazing happened though, the people we found to join us started answering the questions for us.  Meg, our person in charge of booking speakers began to call or private message me great news.  One by one speaker commitments came rolling in.  It was as if all the GOP heavyweights called each other and said hey lets give these guys a chance.  It also didn’t hurt that Meg refused to take no for an answer.  While this was going on our media liaison Noelle was busy making us and the event look great in local media.  Interviews were set up and our promotion machine was up and running.  Suddenly our event of 300 was looking a lot more like 1,000 and our venue went from a park shelter to a state of the art outdoor amphitheater, which leads me to another incredible part of this story.

With each passing speaker confirmation our event was getting bigger and bigger.  Soon we realized we were way in over our heads financially and we turned to you, the Walker Backers, for help and help you did.  I personally had nothing to do with the PAC Onward Wisconsin but Paris the president of it was reporting everyday how generous you all were.  Then Mary one of event coordinators began to set up a bake sale to help defray costs of the event. All of a sudden there was a bake sale Facebook page with a ton of volunteers from across Wisconsin baking goods to sell at our event.  We were in deep but thanks to your generosity and to a hugely successful bake sale, we were able to meet our financial obligations.

This is in short, an actual documentation of one of the biggest grassroots events pulled off in Wisconsin state history.  We could not of done it without a lot of help from our friends.  If you are one that helped you have our undying thanks.  If you are one looking to help us with our next one stayed tuned.  Special thanks to Grassroots Bakers for Walker, Matt Lepperd for volunteering to do sound, Wauwatosa Police, donators to the event, our event speakers, and last but not least the estimated 4,000 people who attended.

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